Terry Nortley Relay

Relay Rules and Entry Form

  •  Terry Nortley Relay race is a  fun relay that takes place to raise money for charity. It usually takes place in the last week in May (bank holiday Monday).
  • If you fancy this relay then you need to make your own teams up and enter it. The club captains are not responsible for this relay.
  •  The short rules for the Terry Nortley Relay Race, raising money for MS Society:
  •  Relay is a team to have 4 members, Two Miles each leg utilising the Terry Nortley Mile which is around the edge of Close Park. Each member of the team will have their own number and hand over the relay baton. Times will be given for each mile/two mile split for each joggers/runner and total time.
  •  Registration opens at 10AM for the Team Leader to collect their team’s number and timing chip. First leg competitors have to be ready to set off at 11AM by the Dinosaur in Close park.
  •  Depending on the number of Teams, it may be a staggered start, with a gap of 15 seconds between groups of 5. Each runner runs by themselves (unless under 11years old) and crosses each mat by themselves. If competitors are under the age of 16 years we need the guardian to sign for them and under 11′s to be supervised on the course by a responsible adult and be in an affiliated club.
  •  Friends of Close Park will be there to sell cakes/teas/coffees.
  •  The full rules for the Terry Nortley Relay Race, raising money for MS Society:


1. Competitors take primary responsibility for their safety and participate in the event at their own risk. The organisers cannot accept any responsibility for personal accident or damage to athletic equipment and other personal effects or any public liability excepting that caused by the organising body. You can run, jog or walk the course.

2. The use of walking dogs are not allowed due to the nature of the speed of some competitors. Unfortunately this goes for wheelchairs and prams due to the terrain on parts of the course.

3. The decision of the Race Organisers will be final in all matters. These being VLA Events, Radcliffe AC and Friends of Close Park


4. The race is run according to England Athletic rules. Permit applied for



5. Teams are to consist of a maximum four competitors and to be eligible for prizes a minimum of four competitors in accordance with the category to which the team is entered. If you cannot muster up four people to take part three would be accepted but contact VLA Events before entering (see rule 10, 16 and 17)

6. Mixed Teams will have a composition of two men and two ladies; Ladies teams will consist of four ladies; Men’s team will consist of four men. If in a  category, all those in the team have to be that age range
otherwise your team will be classed in the lower category

7. Each team will have no more than four competitors, and only one competitor per leg. Each leg is two miles (2 laps of the park)

8. Each team shall be allocated four numbers (pin on the FRONT of your top) and four racing chips (one per competitor please), a single rubber band (relay baton).



9. All competitors must write their age on the entry form either online or paper