Calerdale Way Relay 2021

This event is an off road relay organized by Halifax Harriers and this year will take place on 26th September. There are 12 legs and each leg is run by a team of two who must start and finish together. Each runner must carry a hat, gloves, waterproof bottoms, waterproof top, map, whistle, compass and emergency food.

Not having the correct kit will be result in the whole team being disqualified (there are kit checks at registration.)


It is good practice for team members to practice their leg prior to the race, this is to reduce the risk of getting lost and to know where your start and finish points are. Runners need to arrange  there own transport to and from the event, runners need to consider that they will start in one place and finish in a different location.  The Relay will take up a good chunk of your day. Registration times are one hour before you run and are at different times for each leg.

Legs consist of :

Leg one : 10:55 miles

Leg Two: 8.46 miles

Leg Three: 4.8 miles

Leg four: 9.36 miles

Leg Five : 7.55 miles

Leg Six: 10.5 miles.


You are responsible for getting your own kit, route description and map. You can get the details and route description off the website below.