Calderdale Way Relay info

Calerdale-Way Relay Team - check your emails for updates though !
Hi Everyone, we have two teams this year, so please practice your routes, please contact Craig on 07729150997, or Ryan, or use the Middleton Harriers WhatsApp if you need someone to speak to i.e. if you cannot meet the criteria.

We need to remind runners to ensure that they have the club vest, have the Fell Kit kit and are fully fit and able to participate. Please see link to the race website…/cl…/calderdale-way-relay/.

You will need to make your way to the start - you may need to organise transport back from your route - but usually all runners have helped each other in the past. Peter is often around too.
Calderdale Way Relay - Halifax Harriers Athletic Club

Eric North Memorial Calderdale Way Relay Sunday 21st May 2017
Craig will be doing some route finding runs on Sundays to ensure that everyone is aware of the route. I would urge all those not selected for a team to do one of the routes as well because there will may be runners dropping out between now and race day. There are runners in the club who know legs well i.e Mick Bull, Lauren Williams, so don’t be afraid to ask.