Cross country 2014

Muddy Madness - XC style: Janice Pugh says ,"To all those who participated in this season's cross country races - well done! (I include myself in that modest praise!)  The muddy gloop we had to endure at Boggart Hole Clough on Saturday made me realise just how mad we must be!  For the prize winners - congratulations!  And to all those who turned up to support the runners - thank you!

There are 2 people though who deserve special praise - once again Peter Gilligan wheeled out his trolley & big green tent in all weathers and conditions to ensure we could undress and dress in modesty and help keep the elements at bay.  Thank you Peter, you are a star!
The other star is Alan Garvey - he ran every single cross country race in memory of Roy Lee.  It was a very touching end to his race at Boggart Hole....caked in mud and sweat he deserved a big hug from me and Julie Jones!  Well done Alan, a lovely gesture in memory of a lovely man.  I am sure Roy was looking down on us all and probably having a bit of a chuckle as we fought against the elements.

Makes me proud to be part of such a great club."