Welsh Castles 2015

Welsh Castle 2015

As in the words of Julie Andrews “The Hills of Wales were indeed alive” with the sound of music:  And cheering, yelling harriers,  tooting horns, whistles ‘a’ blowing and bells ‘a’ ringing;  the cows mooed  in protest at all the hullabaloo, the sheep bleated their protest too,  even the duck was quacking a response.
The Duck???
Yes there was even a great big duck on the scene- in fact he followed us around all weekend, we just could not shake him off. So many thank you’ s!!!!   Where to start?
I will start at the very beginning – “it’s a very fine place to start” 
 Thanks  go to
·  Sue Bishop for opening up her home to us all once more and providing a scenic but tough route to run on the hills above  her beautifully located Littleborough home followed by  a welcome  lunch – all in the name of WCR fund raising, a huge £165.50 was raised on the 24th May.
· Chris and John Brooks for the planning and the co-ordinating of runners and drivers for the weekend, despite the fact that they were unable to join us this year. – It would not have happened without them.
· Tommy Temple – for all the running around he did for us on Friday, when at the 11th hour we had to swop around and replace  a number of runners due to injuries/withdrawels etc.- It would not have happened without him
· To the Salford runners who Tommy commissioned for us, they stepped in again at that 11th hour when we need them and no Middleton runners were available to us – without them everybody’s efforts and preparation over  many months would have been fruitless and many Mids would have been very disappointed. - It would not have happened without them.

· To Darren Moore for driving the mini bus again and to Steve Granville and Steve Vas for supporting him with the driving and navigating this year - It would not have happened without them.
· To Alyson Lamb and Brian Smith who without fail get our runners ahead of the race and on to the start line seamlessly year after year. - It would not have happened without them.
· To Charlie Bowcock and Debbie Shaw who also assisted in getting runners on to the start line. - It would not have happened without them.
·    To every single runner who was on the start line.
o   Those who had prior commitments and made their own way there and backo   Those who gave up a full weekend to be a part of the team
o   20 stage – 20 runners – 207 miles – FANTASTIC - It would not have happened without you!! Thank you all !!!
Did you spot the ‘team theme’?
The Castles is a huge event which takes a committed and willing team to make it work, to participate in the event is second to none, if you have never ran at the Castles, give it a go in 2016, you will not be disappointed.
One final thing to mention Chris and John Brooks have  co-ordinated and organised the Welsh Castles Team for us for around 12/13 years now, the work and commitment that they have put into the event on our behalf has been phenomenal, it is not just one weekend of work it is ongoing for months ahead of the event as well as over the actual weekend  and it  is quite frankly a logistical night mare, however they have stuck with it and done an amazing job. Sadly now they  have made the decision to hand the logistical reigns over to another to ensure that Middleton are able to continue participating in this fantastic event.