Wolverhampton Marathon 2014

I first ran the Wolverhampton Marathon in 2001, i did this after running my first marathon in London that year were I was trying to break 3 hours and ended up finishing in 3 hours one minute and seven seconds. In the same year I then went on to do Wolverhampton marathon in 2 hours 56 minutes and it has always been my back up plan since. Although saying that I didnt run it again for another 10 years........


I eventually had another try in 2011, this was after i did the Edinburgh Marathon in May 2011,  in a time of 2 hours 40 minutes and 31 seconds and i felt i had not run very well. I completed Wolverhampton marathon in 2 hours 45 seconds and 13 minutes and came 2nd place overall, but deep down i felt i had not really trained or prepared myself enough for it.


The next marathon I decided to do was the Manchester marothon in 2013 and i did this in a time of 2 hours 38 minutes and 28 seconds, a PB. This gave me the inspiration to finally try the Wolverhampton marathon once again and this time to see if I could win it.

So in September 2013 off i began however it was not meant to be as when I got to mile 9 I felt that my body was uncomfortable and my running did not feel good. However I still did it and in a time of 2 hours 48 minutes and 5 seconds and still managed to finish in 2nd place.


The year after disappointed once again at Edinburgh marathon 2014 - 2 hours 40 and 37 seconds. Once again I returned to Wolverhampton and determined that i would not finish in 2nd place. I trained harder than ever, i covered 484 miles in the last 5 weeks before the marathon. Ready at last or was i ....... I recieved a letter through the post from MRI saying that I was due my operation on the 1st of September - 6 days before my marathon. What a dilemma do I have the operation ive been waiting for or do i run the marathon ive spent ages training for or do I post phone the operation. 


Well I did my usual style thing and thats i will do both, have the operation and then run the marathon. so in preperation for the operation i mentioned to my surgeon I was also doing a marathon in six days and he told me if he would have known he would have refused the op.





Operation completed and sent home with a dressing and stitches in my head. after a few uncomfortable days I was back on the start line with my training partner Ian McBride, he was running the half. As we set off Ian shot off into the distance and I stayed on my plan of 5.55 minute miles.


The first part of the marathon went to plan and I was way ahead of target, second lap came and the lead moterbike came and told me I was clearly in first place. I did 20 miles in 2 hours. Then came the hard work, a few climbs and the miles strated to take their toll on my legs and my pace dropped to 6:30 minute miles. Time to dig in deep if I wanted to win this, all i could think was if someone was to overtake me they would have to be doing sub 6 minute miles to be able to reel me in. When I crossed the line their was a huge cheer, I was 9 minutes clear of the 2nd runner, yes I had finally done it!!!


Afterwards I was interviewed by 3 local magazines and invited to the VIP tent for food and drink before being presented with my prize from the Mayor of Wolverhampton. What a great event, great people, great organisation BUT NEVER AGAIN xx


Hope you enjoyed reading this, if you have a story please email it to ebladesjordan@gmail.com and i will add it to the website.