Manchester Marathon 2016

Janice says, "Can I just offer my thanks for the support shown by Middleton Harrier volunteers who assisted in marshalling the Greater Manchester Marathon on Sunday 10th April?  It was an early start for us, and we had to be in position on Brooklands Road, Sale by 08.00 hours till stood down at 13.30 hours.
I know the runners appreciated our support - even though some local residents and motorists didn't! I know we did a great job! So can I offer my thanks (in no particular order) to Christine Eckersley, Fiona Bolton, Katie Ackers, Helen Gerrard, Craig Sutherland, Derek Bury, Gary Chapman, Cathie Murphy, Roland Robson, Darren Moore, Kyrinda Carter-Moore, Colin Carter, Bev, Brian and Amy O'Neill.....and me, too!  Each volunteer who registered will ensure the club receives a donation for their services.
Special praise goes to Amy O'Neill, who not only marshalled the race but collected the discarded water bottles left all over the road and pavement by the passing runners.  She then put them into neat piles to make the collection of them, by the street cleaning services so much easier!  Thank you are a star!
Congratulations to all the runners who took part and especially our Middleton Harrier runners!**
A great day which was enjoyed by all.  Thank you!
Janice x"