Constitution As Of January 2015

Middleton Harriers And Athletics Club Constitution As Of January 2015.


1. Title.

     The Club shall be called Middleton Harriers and Athletics Club and here after                  referred to as the Club. The Club headquarters will be at the Middleton

      Arena, Middleton.


2. Objectives.

    The objectives of the Club shall be to encourage amateur athletics in general

    and to further the aims and development in particular of the following sections

    of athletic activity Namely (a) Road Running (b) Cross Country (c) Fell Running

    (d) Track and Field (e) Road Walking.


3. Club Kit.

    The official Club Kit shall consist of a green vest with black and white 

    diagonal stripe with the words Middleton Harriers on the right hand side.

    Members whenever competing in the name of the Club shall wear the official Club

    Kit. If competing for an approved charity members may with the approval of the

    Committee wear the official charity vest. The wearing of headphones whilst

    training with the Club or competing in championship races will not be allowed.

    To count in the Club Championship a member must have entered as a Middleton



4. Management.

    The Club shall elect a President who shall preside over Club affairs.

    The President will be an ex-officio member of all Club Committees but

    will have full voting rights at any of the meetings. At the Annual General

    Meeting the President may chair the meeting or may delegate this function 

    to the elected Chairman. The Club shall elect annually the following Officers

    of the Club - Chairman - Secretary - Treasurer and these officers shall be

    be nominated signatories for the Club accounts.



   The Club shall also elect annually a Committee comprising of not less than 

   twelve members. From the members of the Committee the following appointed              posts shall have a captain and secretary. membership secretary, e mail secretary

   social secretary, cross country captain, fell section, ladies cross country and road

   captain,fixtures secretary, veterans captain, male and female walking section,

   clothing officer and not mote than four other persons. Any person may hold more

   than one position if the Annual General Meeting so decides. The Committee may

   appoint persons to assist in the day to day running of the Club with responsibility

   for the specific aspect of Club affairs. e.g. equipment Officer, trophy custodian.

   Captains will have full responsibility for the entry of Club Teams. Selection to be

   carried out by the captain and at least two other members approved by the


The structure of the Committee shall be as follows.

(a) A quorum of the Committee shall be four members.

(b) The Committee shall meet as often as necessary in the view of the President,

      Chairman or Secretary and in any case not less than four times a year. The 

      Secretary or person nominated by the Secretary and agreed by the Committee

      shall record minutes at such meetings. The records shall show persons present

      at the meeting and the matters discussed and any  decisions taken.

(c) The Committee shall have the power to fill any vacancy which may arise through

      resignation or unexplained or persistent absence, and to make or revise any

      rules as may be deemed expedient. The Committee shall have the power to form

      a sub committee for special purposes which must conform to any regulations

      imposed upon it by the Committee.

(d) The Committee shall have the power to co-opt for specific purposes up to three

      or four members of the Club to serve on the Committee or Sub Committee.

(e) The Committee shall have the power to deal with as deemed advisable any

      member of the Club found guilty of violating Club rules, or acting in a

      manner which is not in the best interest of the Club.

(f)  The property of the Club shall be considered vested in the Committee for the

      current Club year.

(g) Any matter not covered by the Constitution or rules shall be dealt with by the

     Committee who shall submit its recommendations at the next Annual General

     Meeting so as to prevent a recurrence of a similar circumstances. If the matter is

     such to affect the well being of the Club then an extra-ordinary meeting may be

     called by the Committee.  

(h) All Committee meetings shall be open meetings any Club member being able to

     attend and speak on a motion.

(i)  All complaints, requests or advice appertaining to the Club and all associated

     activities should be made to any member of the Committee or the Club Captains

     for consideration by the Committee at their earliest opportunity. 


    (a) Membership of the Club shall be open to anybody wishing to meet the 

          objects of the Club and agree to abide by the Constitution and Rules  and

         pay the necessary rate of subscription subject to the following.

    (b) All active and competing athletes must at all times conform to the status

         as Amateurs as defined under UKA laws.

    (c) Non competing athletes may become Social members of the Club at a reduced 

         rate of subscription. Such members shall enjoy the rights of members

         including social and Club circulations. Individual members shall have the

         responsibility to make themselves aware of the Club Constitution and to

         otherwise keep themselves informed through Club circulations of

         the management of the Club.


(d)All applications for membership shall be made only on the printed form provided

     for this purpose. The Membership Secretary shall have authority to accept

     membership applications from any person who has not previously been a

     member of any other athletic club. The Committee shall ratify such applications.

(e) Applications from persons who have been a member of another athletic club

      should be voted upon by the Committee at the next meeting following the

      application for membership being received. All applications made after

      November 1st will not be liable to further subscription until the next AGM.

(f) Competition for Club Championship or other Club Challenge Trophies will be

     open to first claim members. 


    A member intending to resign from the Club shall give notice in writing to the

    Membership Secretary. This letter should also give the reason for the resignation.

    The Committee at the first meeting after the letter has been received will consider

    the contents of the letter. Should the member be financially indebted to the Club

    the Committee may withhold the final acceptance of the resignation until such

    time the member has discharged this liability.

    The membership will cease from the date of the said meeting when the committee

    have agreed to accept the resignation. The member will be notified of the

    decision of the Committee in this respect. A member not having terminated their

    membership in writing to be received prior to February 1st shall be liable for the

    current financial years subscriptions. All property of the Club shall be

    returned forthwith, at the time of resignation.



    (a) Subscriptions shall be fixed prior to the Annual General Meeting by the

         Committee for the following classes of members. Seniors an Social and Family


    (b) All accounts of the Club shall be balanced at the 31 December and submitted

      after an independent audit to the following Annual General Meeting. 

    (c) All withdrawals written against the funds of the Club shall be signed by two

     members of the Committee from the following positions, Chairman, Secretary and

     the Treasurer.

   (d) Payment of the annual subscription and any arrears shall be made within three

      months of the commencement of the financial year (January 1st)

      Any member who is in arrears at the commencement of the Road Championships

      shall not be eligible for a placing in any race in which they enter, so long as they

      remain in arrears. This being the case they will not be eligible to receive Club

      awards. Also members in arrears after a three month period will not receive

      Club information via the E mail system.

   (e) Voting at meetings and representing the Club in open competitions is

         restricted to members whose subscriptions are up to date in accordance with

         the Club rules. 


    The Committee shall have the power to expel any member whose

    subscription is more than six months in arrears. Following a verbal warning a

    written notice shall be sent to such a member by recorded post addressed to the

    last known address informing the member of the proposed action of the


    The name and address of any person so expelled from the Club shall be sent

    to the North Of England AA who shall enter the name in their records. Every

    person whose name is entered in the records shall be suspended from

    competing in any event held under UKA laws until the liability causing the said

    exclusion shall be discharged.

    The Committee shall have the power to expel any member who violates the Club

    rules, or who, in the opinion of the Committee is considered guilty of 

    misconduct , refractory or unbecoming conduct, making use of obscene

    language or being antagonistic in any way against the best interests of the Club.

    Or alternatively the member shall be dealt with in such other manner that the

    Committee fell advised consistent with the violation committed. Any member of

    the Club upon receipt of a notice to that effect, delivered by hand, or sent by

    recorded delivery, to the last known address, may lodge an appeal against the


    The Committee shall consider appeals against expulsion, or other action by the

    Committee for offences outlined within 31 days of receipt of a written notice

    of appeal. This notice of appeal shall be given to the Secretary within 14 days of

    the the member receiving the letter form the Committee outlining the proposed

    action of the Committee.

    The Committee's decision on the appeal shall be final. 


   (a) An Annual General Meeting shall be held as soon as possible after the end of

        the year and not more than fifteen months shall elapse between the date of one

        AGM and the next. The AGM shall receive the Committees report and financial

        statements, shall elect officers of the Club and general Committee members for

        the following year. Also the AGM shall set the rate of subscription for the

        following year and deal with any other matters specified in the agenda.

        The Secretary must give every member one months notice of the meeting.

    (b) A quorum for the AGM shall consist of fifteen members.

    (c) Matters for the AGM agenda must be in writing and submitted to the Secretary

         fourteen days before the date of the meeting.

    (d) All positions on the Committee shall be subject to the election each year at

         the AGM. Nominations for positions must be from fully paid up members as

         at the 31 December of the previous financial year and must be seconded by

         another member having the approval of the nominee. Such nominations must

         be with the Secretary seven days prior to the date of the AGM in order that

         members shall have sufficient notice of such nominations. 


 10. EXTRA Ordinary General Meeting (EGM)

       (a) An EGM may be called at any time at the discretion of the Committee. The

            Secretary must call an EGM to be held within twenty one days of the 

            receipt of a written request. This request must be signed by at least ten

            members stating as a formal motion the business to be dealt with at the

            meeting called. All members must receive written notice fourteen days prior               to the holding of the EGM with details of the business to be discussed.

       (b) A quorum for an EGM shall be thirty members.


    (a) In the event of more than the required numbers of nominations duly proposed

         and seconded for officers and committee members a method of voting will be


    (b) Where a straight choice exists for any one position between two nominees

         voting shall show be by a show of hands in the absence of the nominees.

    (c) Where a multiple choice exists for any one position voting shall be by a show

          of hands in the absence of the nominees and voting will continue until

         one nominee acquires a majority over all the votes of the remaining


     (d)Where a maximum number of committee places exceeds by the number of

         nominations, voting shall be by ballot in which the nominees may participate.

         Members shall record their choices for the nominees equivalent to the

         the number of the available places. Successful nominees shall be those up

         to the desired number acquiring the highest number of votes.

    (e) Nominations for the official position or committee membership in a 

         members absence can only be accepted when the member concerned has

         given their consent to the nomination going foreword. Such nominations

         must be proposed and seconded in the normal manner. Alterations to the

        Constitution must be dealt with at an AGM or EGM properly convened in

        accordance with items 8 and 9.

     (f) Voting on such alterations shall be by a show of hands. The proposition

          duly proposed and seconded will be carried by two thirds majority of the

          votes cast. Voting on all other propositions shall be by a show of hands

          and shall be carried by a simple majority of the votes cast. The voting

         procedure for such propositions shall apply at Committee Meetings

         Annual General Meetings and Extra Ordinary Meetings.

      (g) Voting will be accepted by proxy.


     (a) A proposal that the Club is disbanded or that the Club amalgamate with

          another athletic club must be dealt with at a special general meeting in

         accordance with item 9.

     (b) Voting on a proposal to disband or amalgamate shall be by a show of hands.

           The proposal duly seconded will be carried by three quarters majority of the

           votes cast. Proposal to amalgamate must be approved the executive

           committee of UK Athletics, English Athletics and Association of Running

           Clubs. A minority of members who consider themselves

           strong enough to continue the affairs of the Club as a separate organisation

           may apply to the three bodies named above for affiliation as a new body and

           this application would be considered on its merits.

     (c) Any remaining property or assets of the Club on being disbanded shall be

          transferred to the accounts of the governing bodies to be used at their




     (a) The property of the Club shall be vested in the Committee and trophies shall

           the sole responsibility of the Secretary and whenever possible displayed in a

           prominent but safe place.

     (b) Only fully paid up members may compete for the Club at meetings and

           promotions and when so doing must wear Club colours and abide by the

           rules and regulations of the body governing such competitions.  

     (c) Proxy voting is permitted by written authorisation of the voter to another

           member of the Club or to the Secretary.

     (d) The responsibility for the health and safety of members, visitors and property

          against injury damage or loss cannot be accepted by the Club. The onus for

          such matters is on each individual person to provide adequate personal

          insurance and gain private medical checks and advise at regular intervals.

          The Club may only cover for general third party indemnity against Club


     (e) The finances of the Club shall be the responsibility of the Committee

           and shall at all times be transacted through the Club Treasurer. The Club

           shall open a bank account and all the cheques to be signed by two officers

           of the Committee from the following positions, the Chairman, the Secretary or

           the Treasurer. The bank account shall include Building Society Accounts and

           the like so that the Club may enjoy the benefits of interest on

          deposit accounts.

      (f) The Committee shall keep a minutes book to be held by the Secretary but

           made available for inspection by any paid up member on request.

      (g) In the event of dissolution of the Club any residual assets will be distributed

            to such bodies as the Committee decide.

      (h) Those races which are selected by the Committee for the Road Running

            Championships shall comply with the rules of UK Athletics. Namely that

            such races if advertised as being a particular distance then the correctness

           of that distance must be verified by UKA registered and graded by a Course

           Measurer. The course must be measured along the ideal line of running

           i.e. the shortest possible route in the section of the road permitted for

           runners. The measured distance must not be less than the advertised

           distance nor should it exceed the advertised distance by more than 0.1%

           If a race does not conform to these conditions then it shall not be

           eligible to count in the Championships.